Vengeance of HydeMature

         As fast as lightning, Hyde sprang up to his feet, his hands clenching into fists, a vein popping out in his forehead, heart pounding, his breathing heavy. A vengeful hatred flared in his eyes. "You just made a big mistake, dearies," he growled, lunging towards the two girls, slapping one across the face, then turning to wrap his hands around the throat of the other, the one who called him a "creeper." His hands began to squeeze, until he saw the color drain from her face and her eyes bulge out. He growled furiously, the sound resembling more of an animal, a beast rather than a man. "Didn't your daddy ever teach you any manners!" He shouted.

         He glanced over at his little one. "Don't you cry, my darling Scarlett. Your daddy is going to take care of these inconsiderate cunts for you! Right the bloody fuck now!" He pulled one of his hands away from the girl's throat, slapping her across the face then slapping the other a second time. "Learn some goddamn respect!"

The End

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