School Day With HydeMature

The girls stared at him like he was insane, and the girl who'd spoken, smirked. "We called her a whore, because she is. She's a whore with a creeper for a boyfriend. What're you gonna do about it, doctor?" she asked, mocking him. The other girls giggled and repeated the word like a chant, over and over again.

The professor tried to calm them down to no avail, and a blush rose on Scarletta's face, a hue matching her name. Tears slowly began to rise. She tried to hold them back, and tried to put on a brave face so her Daddy wouldn't worry about her, but even she had her limits and these girls refused to stop. She ducked her face down so she wouldn't have to look at anyone, her heart still beating that same pattern out.

The End

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