School Day With HydeMature

        Hyde's brows arched with intrigue. "Oooh...well I sort of figured that one out for myself." He glanced downward at her crotch, biting his lip, trying desperately to keep his hands to himself, but the temptation to further humiliate her and put her on display even more was becoming harder to resist.

        Resist, Hyde. Resist! She's in class for Christ's sake! 

         He nodded his head matter-of-factly, trying to assert himself and taking a breath. His eyes fell shut and he moaned softly, shaking his head gently. "Mmm...that little ticker." 

        Since he had the steth plugged into his ears, he didn't hear the girls around her giggling or the word they used. It wasn't until Scarlett turned around to speak to them that he realized something had been said, something that might potentially cause a fight. His brows stitched inquisitively as he took the stethoscope out of his ears, letting it rest against his neck and glaring at the girls. "What the bloody fuck did you just say? Was that a negative remark about my Scarlett?" 

The End

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