School Day With HydeMature

She blushed and smiled softly. "I'm both nervous and turned on at once. It's strange, but I don't mind." she whispered. Deep breaths rattled in her lungs as she calmed herself, feeling safe in the care of her Daddy. Her heart thumped against her chest, keeping a pretty little rhythm that she tried to commit to memory. It would be good for a song someday, perhaps, but for now, it reminded her that she was alive and getting better.

Giggles echoed from behind her, and she turned her head to see some girls laughing at her, one of them openly using the word 'whore' in regards to her. "At least I have someone to take care of me, you stregas." she hissed, switching to her native tongue out of anger, calling them witches before turning back to Hyde.

The End

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