School Day With HydeMature

       Hearing Scarletta reassuring the professor, he nodded his head in approval. "That's right, good girl." He was pleased with her for being willing to defend his honor, even though, when he gave it further thought, their positions should be reversed. He noticed the arch of the professor's brow then looked around at the rest of her classmates. "Yes...we're going to make sure that Scarlett is in good health." A couple students chuckled, to which Hyde shot them a glare then gave his little Scar a smirk as he watched her rid herself of her jacket. 

          "Very good girl," he murmured, winking at her and taking the disc of his stethoscope. Squatting down to her level, he slipped his hand beneath her blouse and pressed the chilly disc over her heart, right over her pulmonic artery. He held her gaze, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth when he heard the thump-thump of her heart. "A bit nervous?" He whispered to her with a wink.

The End

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