School Day With HydeMature

        He tossed his head back, his long dark curls falling out of his handsome face as he smiled to himself. "You're welcome. You certainly have better handwriting than I do. I simply print as every other bugger does. My cursive would be a mess." A deep scowl crossed his face every time he heard her cough. Letting go of her hand, he reached out and rubbed his own against her backside, hoping to ease her coughing fit. "Darling?" He glanced from her to the front of the classroom. "Perhaps it's time Dr. Hyde have a listen to those lungs." 

        Before she had a chance to debate with him, he pushed himself up to his feet, stepping behind her and lifting the stethoscope from his shoulders. Suddenly, everyone stopped and turned to look at the two of them, even the teacher. He plugged the instrument into his ears then glanced around at them with a smirk. "What? Haven't you ever seen a doctor put on his stethoscope before? My little one needs a check."

The End

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