School Day With Hyde (Cont.)Mature

Scarletta smiled gently. "Thank you, Daddy." she whispered, writing in her neatest cursive. Every few minutes, she would tip her head down and cough a few times into her handkerchief, the urge rising in her until she couldn't resist and had to cough. She rubbed her throat gently as she kept writing, hoping that that would soothe the pain that laid within, and would help her to stop hacking.

It was her own fault that she was sick anyway. She'd been absentminded on her way to work one day, and she'd forgotten her scarf (a neatly knit one she'd made herself while Hyde was busy at his club). She'd thought that it would be fine, but something had gotten to her while she was unprotected and she had fallen ill. 'Lucky for me,' she thought, turning to Hyde and giving him a gentle, sweet smile, 'I have a Daddy who's willing to take care of me.'

The End

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