School Day With HydeMature

      Looking around the classroom, Hyde scoffed at the students. "Seems college hasn't changed much since I've been alive," he remarked. "Really makes you wonder why most of these lads bother applying for college at all. Certainly it's not to get an education. Got to be the parents." He shook his head in disbelief and chuckled. "Waste of bloody money, I tell you." His stethoscope jostled against his shoulders every now and then as he walked further into the classroom, sitting down beside Scarletta and folding his hands over the desk.

       When the professor entered, he watched his little one rise to her feet and go over to him, explaining why he was there, obviously, from the quizzical look he was getting. He gave the man a wave, but said nothing. "Everything alright, love?" He asked as she returned, then gave her hand a squeeze when she took his own. As the lecture began, he glanced back and forth between her and the professor, leaning over and peering down at her notes with a smirk. "Such pretty handwriting."

The End

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