School Day With Hyde (Cont.)Mature

Scar gave a scoff at the boys, who laughed as they skittered off to a classroom. "Only from around campus. Just ignore them, they're a bunch of dimwits. They think every girl is a piece of property to be conquered, then tossed aside like trash." she stated bluntly, walking in step with Hyde. They must have looked so strange together, a girl who appeared to be only a child (standing at 4'9 didn't help her seem more mature in the least), walking in step with a tall, slightly beastly gentleman in a lab coat and stethoscope. It didn't matter in the least to her. Let them stare, she was happy to walk with her Daddy.

Once they got to the door of the lecture hall, she turned to look up at him. "Promise to be good during class, Daddy? For me?" she asked, giving her best puppy dog eyes. She didn't know if he'd keep true to a promise like that, but she wanted to keep faith in him.

The End

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