School Day With HydeMature

     He smiled to himself as he noticed the reaction his fingers had upon her. It seemed to be, that any way he chose to touch her, she would melt, practically into a puddle on the floor. This was one of the things he fancied most about being a Dom, the power to make any woman fall to their knees with the touch of his hand, the seductive sound of his voice, or his mouth on their most private parts. "You like that, do you?" He inquired with a grin. "You like me feeling your little heart like that." He chuckled softly, sending her a wink as they walked alongside each other through the halls, not caring who heard him, much less paying any attention to the stares he was getting due to his lab coat. If anything, he scoffed and shrugged them off as if they meant nothing. 

      As they walked, he kept his arm around her small shoulders, his hand rubbing against the upper part of her arm every now and then, tossing a glare at a few young lads who were eying her as though she were a piece of fresh meat. Clearly, they didn't know who he was, nor had they seen her in this building before. Well, least not with him, he wagered. "You recognize any of these buggers?"

The End

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