School Day With Hyde (Cont.)Mature

A blush gently touched Scarletta's cheeks, and a warmth stirred within her. "Of course, Daddy." she said. She figured that Daddy would want to auscultate her at least once today, and she knew he'd likely do it in front of her classmates. While she didn't like the idea of them giggling at her examination, they'd laughed at her for worse before. Even if they did laugh, her Daddy would protect her. She'd seen him angry before, and she knew that it would be an ally in the battle against her quite rude class.

She squeezed his hand. "Right here?" she asked curiously, reaching up to undo the buttons atop her jacket. She hoped that he would say no, then they'd go inside so he could press that cold stethoscope to her chest and listen to the gentle 'thump-thump' of her heart in her chest, somewhere warm.

The End

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