School Day With Hyde (Cont.)Mature

Scarletta coughed into the little rose-printed handkerchief she carried, and squeezed Hyde's hand, the rings on her fingers glimmering. "I know, Daddy." she said, voice soft and slightly weak. She'd spent the last few days in perpetual coughing fits, and that had worn her usually powerful singer's voice to a quiet waver. That had probably helped her Master's worry grow, even if her assurances that it was simply a seasonal sickness.

Now she needed to figure out how to explain Hyde's presence to the professor. She figured that it wouldn't be too hard. The man was all about helping the world through science, she'd just tell him that she was a part of a research project involving illness and if stress from education made them worse, and that Hyde was simply a doctor, there to observe her. After all, it would be hard to convince the professor to let him stay if she bluntly told him that Hyde was her Master, her Daddy, worried about her medical state. She didn't completely want Hyde to be there with her, but she knew that it made him feel better, and his happiness meant her happiness. So she would deal with his hawk's eyes upon her for a single day of classes.

The End

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