School Day With HydeMature

Scarlett tries to adjust to her Dom, Hyde, accompanying her to school with the intention of watching her like a hawk, after she has become ill for a few days.
Collaborative story between ScarletDahlia and HydesLittleOne

          Master Hyde looked across the car at his dark haired and bright blue eyed submissive, shutting off the engine of his black BMW 535i. He had a feeling she wasn't going to like this very much, him, accompanying her to class to make sure that all was well with her, and her cute little body, but when he worried about his girls, he worried with good reason. That was his defense. Today, he had taken it upon himself to even dress the part, pulling on his long white labcoat over his clothes, and draping his black Cardiology II over his shoulders just in case he should need it. It was Scarletta's favorite stethoscope. The one she had taken the liberty of painting Polka dot. He was just thankful she asked him to do it before going and ruining one of his precious babies. He reached out and took her hand in his with a squeeze. "Remember, love. I'm doing this for you because I care."

The End

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