I'm Waiting For A Letdown

How long ‘till you fall?
Not long at all, I’m telling you.

I’m counting down the days so I know when not to be there for you. Just trust me, but don’t expect me to keep tying your shoes.

I’m always one step behind you, watching your feet. But remember, when I’m pushed a mile back, I won’t see. There’s nothing I can do, so I might as well stop trying.

I give up, and this time it’s almost satisfactory. I just lean back and wait. For how long? You tell me.

You close your eyes and soak up the atmosphere. You’re on your toes with a parade following your shallow shadow. Arms out, you jump. Knees bent, you run. You’re invincible, right?

You’re going to trip. You’re going to stumble. You’re going to have to learn to pick up the pieces. It’s time for you to grow up.

You cry and I smile, but only out of sympathy. I know how you miss your safety net.

Soon you’ll miss the silence. You’ll miss the catch and release. But don’t miss me, I dare you.

The End

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