Chapter 7Mature

Elena's P.O.V.

        "What are you talking about?" I asked in fear. "Someone's going to get hurt" she said as Stefan walked up to us. "Whats going on?" he asked. "Bonnie says someone's going to get hurt" I said to him. "Damon" he said. "Damon who?" Bonnie asked. "My brother" Stefan said. "I'm hoping he's the bad brother" Bonnie said. I just started laughing. "Yea he's the good brother" I said while Stefan and I were smiling. 

Damon P.O.V.

        I saw this brown headed girl in the woods. She looks like the perfect victim. I followed her as she was running then I created the fog that surrounded her. She started to get frightened. I used my fast speed to circle around her and she shouted "Who there!". I didn't answer as I attacked her and bit her neck. I drained her blood and left her lying on the ground. 

Elena's P.O.V.

        I looked a crossed the woods to see my brother Jeremy, drunk and walking into the woods. "Excuse me" I said as I walked towards my brother. I walked in the woods and followed Jeremy. All of a sudden he trips. "Vicki!" he said and I could smell her blood. My fangs came out. "It's Vicki" he said then he turned to look at me. There was fear in his face then he picked Vicki up bridal style and caried her to the picnic table and sat her down. "Someone call 911!" Jeremy shouted. I stayed in the woods trying to not think about the blood. 

Stefan's P.O.V.

        Elena left to go find her brother then her brother came out with a girl who lost a lot of blood. I could feel my fangs come out so, I left. Bonnie just looked at Vicki like she was in a trance. I had to leave. 

Jeremy's P.O.V.

        "You'll be fine Vicki" I whispered to her. What happened to Elena's face? I can't think about that right now Vicki is hurt. After about 10 minute the ambulance were here and they took Vicki and Matt her younger brother road in the back with her. I grabbed a beer and sat on a bench. Then Elena came next to me and said "Do you see those guys in the uniforms the last time I checked there the police". I took one last drink of my beer and through it behind me. "Are you OK?" she asked. "No" I said. "The world is going to move on. We should to. They don't care if our parents dead" she said. "Writing in your diary in the graveyard is that your way of moving on" I snapped at her then walked away.

Elena's P.O.V.

         I walked over to Bonnie where Stefan was and asked her where he was. "He acted weird once he saw the blood. He said he had to leave, but I can give you a ride home" she said. "Can you give me a ride to Stefan?" I asked her. "Yea" she said then we were off.

        She dropped me off at the Salvatore boarding house and I knocked on the door. "Hello, Elena" Damon said. "Where's Stefan?" I asked. "In his room" he said and I walked right past him up to Stefan's room. I knocked on the door and he opened it. "Elena what are you doing here?" he asked. "Making sure your alright" I said as I sat down on his bed. "Yea I'm fine how are you?" he said. "My brother saw my vampire face" I said. "He doesn't know your a vampire" Stefan said in shock. "Nope your the only one that knows, well, besides Damon" I said as he sat down next to me. "Are you planning on telling him?" he asked. "Not anytime soon" I said. "I'm sorry" he said. "For what?" I asked. "For you to have to go through this" he said. I kissed him and well you know, it went all the way.

~~~La La La~~~

Bonnie's P.O.V.
        I walked into my grams house and sat down on the couch next to her. "Grams I had this feeling that someone was going to get hurt and it actually happened. What's wrong with me?" I asked. "Nothing dear, your a witch" she said. "But I don't want to be a witch" i said as a tear went down my cheek. "I'm sorry" she said then I went up to my room and went to sleep.

Matt's P.O.V.

        I was sitting in a chair next to the hospital bed that Vicki was sleeping in. She opened her eyes. "Vic what attacked you in the woods?" I asked. "Vampire" she said then she was out again. Were vampire real?

The End

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