Chapter 4Mature

Elena's P.O.V.

        He smirked at me and said "My brother likes you and I've made it my life's mission to make him miserable so, you just fall in the middle of that". "Lucky me" I said and he smiled. "Well goodnight, Elena" he said then he disappear out the window. Then I took put my phone and called Bonnie...

Bonnie: Hello
Me: Hey Bonnie you called.
Bonnie: Yea I just wanted to tell you I feel something bad about Stefan
Me: What is it that you feel
Bonnie: I feel like he's death
Me: I think you exaggerating
Bonnie: Please just be careful
Me: I will
Bonnie: I'll see you tomorrow at the back to school bonfire
Me: I completely forgot about that
Bonnie: You can't ditch out or Caroline will kill you
Me: Yea I'll be there. Good night
Bonnie: Night

        I hung up the phone and just lied on my bed. Should I tell Stefan about the bonfire? Should I asked him to be my date? Then my phone rang. I ansered it and it was Stefan...

Me: Hello
Stefan: Hi are you OK?
Me: Yea why wouldn't I be?
Stefan: Damon told me he went over there
Me: Yea he did he told me about his side of the story and I don't believe him one bit
Stefan: He's lying
Me: I know that's why I just said I don't believe him
Stefan: Good
Me: Hey listen there's this back to school bonfire and I was wondering if you wanted to go
Stefan: Only if it's with you
Me: Ha Ha of course it's with me
Stefan: What time should I pick you up
Me: 8
Stefan: I'll be there
Me: bye
Stefan: bye

        I hung up the phone and I could already feel butterflies in my stomach. Then Jenna came upstairs and leaned against my door. "So you wanted to see me" she said. "Yea was I adopted?" I asked. Then I tear came down my cheek. "Elena I promised I wouldn't tell" she said. "Well my parents are dead Jenna who do you think was going to tell me?" I asked. "I never thought that I would have to do it" she said. "Well I figured it out all on my own" I said leaving while my face was filled with tears. I went outside got in my car and drove to Bonnies.

        I knocked on her door and there was know answer. "Bonnie!" I yelled. There was still know answer so, she must be at Caroline's finding something to ware tomorrow at the bonfire. With that I drove to Caroline's. I knocked on the door and Bonnie immediately opened it. She saw that I was crying and pulled me into a hug asking "What wrong?" "I just found out that I'm adopted" I said as tears are flowing down my face. "I know what can help" she said as she pulled back from the hug and led me in. "Whats that?" I asked wiping away my tears. "A sleepover" she said as she sat me down between her and Caroline. I smiled and said "OK". We started painting each others nails and picking out an outfit to ware tomorrow. "I invited Stefan to come" I said. "Just make sure your careful" Bonnie said. "She's fine. Girl likes boy, boy likes girl, sex" Caroline said smiling at me. Bonnie and I just laughed. Once we finished it was late and we all went to bed. Throughout the whole night I kept thinking about Stefan. Do I like Stefan?

The End

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