Chapter 2Mature

Elena's P.O.V.

           I gave him a light smile and said "What?". "Nothing" he said. Then I walked over to him and said "just nothing". He gave me a smile and said your just different form anyone else". "You have know idea" I replied. "Hey...can I walk you to class?" he asked. "Sure" I replied and started walking down the halls with him. "So...How am I different?" I asked. "I don't know...I's because your not full of yourself and there's something else about you that I can't figure out" he said blushing a little. We stopped in front of my class and I said "Well, I'll see you later Stefan" then walked into class. I saw him smile at me then go to his class.

~~~Skipping the rest of the school day~~~

        After school I walked to the cemetery to wright in my diary. I sat down next to my mothers grave and started writing. Then I started to see fog. I stood up to see a crow on the head stone. "Shoo bird" Then it came back. I grabbed my bag and started walking into the woods. I turned around to see a man figure by the headstone. "Who are you?" Ii yelled. The man came out of the shadows surprised that I could see him. He had icy blue eyes and almost black hair. I used my vampire speed to run up to him. He looked even more shocked. "Your a vampire" he whispered. "Who are you?" I asked again. "Damon, Damon Salvatore" he said. "Salvatore as in Stefan" I asked. Then Damon looked over towards the woods and so did I. I saw another man figure. He tried to run, but I used my fast speed to move in front of him. Damon followed me. "Well hello brother" he said smirking at Stefan. "Damon" he said. "OK now I'm confused. Are you both vampires?" I asked looking at both of them. "Yea, but Stefan's the good brother" Damon said. "Clearly" I said. Stefan's smiles. "Can we go back to my house and talk?" Stefan asked. "Sure" I said. We all went back to her house.


        "Wow" I said walking into there house. "Yea" Damon said. I sat down on the couch and Stefan sat down in the separate chair and Damon sat down right next to me. "So how long have you been a vampire?" Stefan asked. "I was turned when I was in Paris" I said. "Who turned you?" Damon asked looking at me with those icy blue eyes. "I don't know" I said. "What do you mean you don't know?" Damon asked. "It means I don't know who turned me" I said. "All I know is they must have cared about me because they gave me a daylight ring" I said. "I knew there was something different about you" Stefan said looking at me. I smiled at him. Then Damon moved closer to me. "You move closer to me one more time and I will snap your neck" I said. "Is that a threat?" Damon asked. "Yes, apparently you never heard one before" I said and he smiled at me. "You know you really creep me out" I said to Damon. "Yea, but in a cute way" he said smirking at me. "No, in a disgusting way" I said then he moved over one seat. "Stefan can I talk to you in private?" Damon asked Stefan. "Yea" he said then they went in the other room. Its not like I can't hear them anyways. This is what they were saying...

Stefan: Why are you here Damon?

Damon: I could asked you the same question, but I'm ferly certain your answer can be summed up into one little word.......Elena

Stefan: You need to leave Damon

Damon: Why I bet history will repeat itself

Stefan: It wont Damon

        Then they came back in the room. "What history would repeat itself?" I asked smile at them. "I forgot you could hear" Stefan said. "Yea by the topic you had I figured" I said in a really awkward position. "I'm sorry" Damon said smirking and sitting next to me holding my hand. I pulled my hand away. "I'll explain everything later" Stefan said. "OK" I said. "You don't have to leave" Damon said smirking. "If you say that then yes I do" I said smirking at him back. Then I left and went home. "Hey where have you been?" Jenna asked. "Just walking around" I said then went up to my bedroom. What does Damon mean about history repeating itself?

The End

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