Chapter 1Mature

Elena Gilbert left her family Jeremy and Jenna to go to Paris after her parent's died. When she returns there's something different about her. She's a vampire. How will Elena already being a vampire effect The Vampire Diaries? Read to find out...

Elena's P.O.V.

       After six months of living in Paris I'm finally coming home. I wish I could stay in Paris, but Jenna says Jeremy is in a bad place right now and he needs me. While I was in Paris something happened to me. At this point I now know I'm a vampire. I don't know who turned me into a vampire all I know is I drink blood, I can run fast, and I can compel someone. The person who turned me must have cared about me because they gave me a daylight ring so, I won't burn in the sun. Any way's I just walked into my house the morning I have to go to school. I know smart move right? I walked in and I saw Jenna in the kitchen rushing to get ready. "Hey are you OK?" I asked. "Yea.. I'm late for a job interview" she said. "Are you even happy to see me?" I asked. "Yea of course...I'm sorry" she said as she gave me a bid bear hug. "Where's Jer?" I asked. "Running late for school" she said. "I'll go get him" I said as I grabbed my bags then went upstairs. I through my bags on my bed then went to Jer's room. I knocked on the door and yelled "Jeremy!". I didn't get an answers so, I opened the door and I saw Jeremy sitting in his desk chair listening to music with his head phones in. I knocked off the headphones and he said "Hey!" in an annoyed voice. "Elena!" he shouted then hugged me. "Yea it's me Jer" I said. "When did you get back?" he asked. "Just now and we got to go" I said. He pouted then walked downstairs and I followed him. We walked in the kitchen and all Jenna said was "I got to go, have a nice day at school". "Not likely" Jer and I said at the same time which made us laugh. Then Aunt Jenna left and we followed her out the door.

~~~In the Car~~~

          "So what's going on?" I asked him knowing he's doing drugs and drinking. "Nothing" he said. "Don't lie to me Jer. I know something is wrong" I said. "I just don't want to talk about it, OK Elena" he said in a pissed off tone. "OK" I replied simply not trying to make him more mad. Then we finally arrived at school.

                                                               ~~~At school~~~

         We walked in and Jer left my side. "Where are you going?" I asked him curious. "Not here" he said and left. I went to the office because the summer my parents died I stayed in school tell the year was almost up then three months before summer started I left so, I don't know if I have to repeat a class or something and I also don't have my class schedule. I was about to walk in the principal office when there was a guy in there. I walked in an he turned around to look at me. He gave me a quick smile then turn back around to talk to the front desk lady. I sat down in one of the waiting chairs. Then the front desk lady said "Mr. Salvatore take a seat and wait tell the principal is done with another student". The guy sat down in the chair a crossed from me then the front desk lady said "Mrs. Gilbert welcome back". I walked up to the front desk and said "Um, I missed three months of school last year so, what do you want me to do?" "The principal said your grade were good enough so, you passed" she said. "That's cool so, can I have my class schedule and my locker number" I asked. She smiled at me and said " like I said to this young man because you weren't here the day we handed them out you have to wait for the principal". "And when will the principal be here?" I asked with a smirk on my face. "Oh um the principal is here she's just in a meeting" she said lying through her teeth. "Yea she's late and that cover story didn't work last year and it's not working this year" I said. "The principal is doing something really important right now" she said. "Yea sleeping" I said and I could hear that guy laugh. "Take..." she said then I cut her off my saying "Yea yea take a seat". Then I sat down a crossed from the guy and waited. Then the principal walked in with her coat in and her bag in her hand. "Hi, I'm Stefan" the man said looking at me. "Elena" I said back to him. "How did you know the principal wasn't here?" he asked me. "I saw her still eating breakfast at a fast food restaurant" I said and he chuckled. The principal walked into her office then walked out with two pieces of paper. "Here's Stefan Salvatore's" she said as she handed him a piece of paper with his class schedule on it "and Elena Gilbert's" she said as she handed me mine then went back to her office. "Nice meeting you" Stefan said then he left and I followed. I looked at my piece of paper to see what my locker number is and it is 132. I walked to it and I looked around to see who my locker is by and Stefan was at locker number 136 just 4 lockers away from mine. Then someone covered my eyes and said "Guess who?" I didn't have to guess I new exactly who it was. "Bonnie!" I yelled then turned around to hug her. "How have you been?" I asked her. "Please you got to spend six months in Paris and you missed me?? I mean was there a lot of cute guy's?" she said all excited to see me. "Actually I didn't pay attention to the guy's I said. "Then what did you do?" she asked. "Shopping Duh" I said giving her a smile. She laughed and I herd Stefan laugh very quietly. Then the bell rang. "Hey I got to go to class, see you later" she said then left. I grabbed my books out of my locker then shut it. I turned to Stefan's locker to see him starring at me.

The End

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