I'm SorryMature

What happens when you think you will fall apart when he leave, and you do.


Every day I sit here, every day I die, not as a whole, but in small parts. My life has never been the same without him, ever since he left a piece of me every day would lose feeling and eventually fall off. Once it fell off, I put it into a big manila envelope. I don’t blame him for what’s happening to me. I should have been better, I should have treated him like the king he was, but I didn’t. I listened to what he said, and did pretty much what he said. Sometimes I would get this feeling inside of me and I would defy him, when I did, he would leave me alone, as if I didn’t exist. He said “you either listen to me completely, or you will no longer exist.” He warned me fairly well, I see this now. And now he is gone. I lost all my fingers, and all of my toes. I lost my two ears, and even my nose. One of my eyes has fallen right out, the other ones rotting inside and out. My hair also fell out, but not in clumps, it fell out all at once and when it did, I felt blood run down my face. My hands are useless and are bound to go soon. If only I had known that he wasn’t over exaggerating I would’ve obeyed, not only for my parts to be working, but I miss his voice, his eyes and the way he told me what to do, he said it not only as a command of authority but as if my life depended on it, and it was

One Day Later

After my hands fell off, my arm broke off in two pieces below the elbow and then two more pieces up to the shoulder. They fell off one arm at a time so I was still able to put the arm into the large envelope, and when the other arm fell off I used my feet to put it in. my lips soon fell to the floor and I was completely blind. My feet were soon gone and then my legs crumbled to nothing.

Another day Passed

Life is getting desperately pathetic for me. Here I am on my bathroom floor, falling to pieces. I am unable to move, unable to talk and all I have forward to is dying here. If I was able to cry, I would be bawling. As the day goes by I can feel that my lower half is now detached and im just a torso and a head. The floor is cold against the remaining part of my body.

The Big Finale

While I was sleeping my head fell off, I have no idea how I’m alive but, here I am. I never did pay attention to what happens to the pieces once they detach, but apparently the skin falls off, I know because I can feel it. The skin on my face is slipping away until its totally off. It’s taken four days for me to get to where I am today. After the skin fell off I can feel my jaw unhinging and my muscle on my face now falling off. Three hours later and I know its my end, I have lost all my memories, thoughts, and feelings. Its my final moments now, all I can say before I pass is, I’m sorry

The End

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