Dear Jess

Dear Jess,

I'm writing this on the bus on the way to yours, for you to read when I get there. I ran out of the house as soon as I read your letter, so I didn't have time to write it normally. Please, don't say anything to me until you've finished reading.

First of all, don't ever say sorry to me. You don't need to. You have nothing to be sorry for. And yes, I do know what this is, and I know what it could turn into.

You remember how I said my friends found out something about me, and that's why I started hanging out with you guys? The thing they found out... It was that I'm gay. I never told anyone else after that because I was scared they would react the same. I couldn't lose you like that.

Thing is, I've liked you for ages, practically since the first time we met. In all the clothes shops you dragged me in with Stacy the only reason I stayed whilst you were being so rude was to see you in all these wonderful clothes. You would try on the most ridiculous, trashy things and somehow make them look completely amazing. It amused me how you would never actually buy anything though. I wanted to tell you then, tell you just how beautiful you looked, but I was scared and you didn't even like me.

I've been having to suppress this for so long. You're lucky, it hasn't been as bad for you, only a few weeks. All through summer I was in agony. I just wanted to reach out, and do something. And no, I don't remember that kid's film either. The entire time the only thing I could focus on was you, beside me, in the dark. Your pull right then seemed almost magnetic, and I was shaking from the effort of not giving in.

And on the school trip, of course I wasn't cold. I was actually boiling, but once again the thought of you in the dark was too much, and this time I did something. It was bliss falling asleep with you in my arms. I have never felt that happy, and I doubt any other feeling will ever compare to it. I wasn't sleeping on the way back either, how could I with the racket our class was making? I just wanted to hold you for what I kept telling myself would be one last time.

So, you see, you haven't ruined anything. You've made me happier then ever before. So Jessica, be my girlfriend?

Emily x



Jessica finished the letter, looked up at Emily standing on her doorstep, and said one word. 

"Yes". Then they kissed.


The End

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