Then we had the school trip...

Then we had the school trip when we went back to school, to Bristol of all places, for an entire week.  It was just us that went, none of the others seemed that interested. That's when everything changed for me.

As is typical on school trips, we were hyper on the way down. Spent the time singing songs, talking about nonsense, and deflecting comment from your former 'friends' who were sat on the back seats. They disliked us singing songs that were off internet videos, and called us nerds. I was actually quite proud of that label.

I wasn't really pay attention during that trip, we saw so many different places they began to blur together. What is firm in my mind are the evenings in the hostel. The food was always some kind of stew, and we were forced to interact with the rest of the year on the trip, but they were still magical for me, because of you. Every night after lights out you'd climb down into my bunk below yours, citing the cold as the reason, and we'd fall asleep like that. Your arms wrapped firmly around me, our legs tangled together, and a smile on my face.

The last day we went to Hanham Court gardens. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Then again, everything seemed more wonderful than usual that day, just because you held my hand. We were left to walk around on our own, and immediately we walked off in the opposite direction from the rest of the class. It was so quiet and peaceful. Remember that big stretch of grass we ended up on? I tripped, fell, and somehow pulled you down on top of me. I looked into your eyes, felt your breathing, and that was when it hit me.

I was in love with you.

The End

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