I'm sorry

Please Emily, just open this email. We need to talk about this.


I think you can guess why I've sent you this, but bare with me, I have a lot to say. Remember how we first met? Stacy dragged you along when I was meeting her at the coffee shop in town. I didn't like you then. Stacy was my friend, and here you were tagging along with us as we went shopping. I was quite horrible then, and I'm sorry for that now.

God, everything you did that day just irritated me. I'd never bothered to talk to you before, but now I was forced to go shopping with you. Your voice, your clothes, the CD's you picked up. It all seemed to fit perfectly into the nerd stereotype you put about at school. I remember purposely walking into clothes shops, just to see how you would react, and then snorting at your look of disgust and dismay as I picked out the worst clothes I could, and suggesting you tried them on. Sorry about that, even though it was quite enjoyable.

Next week at school you started sitting with us at lunch, and I was furious. I didn't have a lot of work to do at all that week, even though I said I did, I was just sat in the library reading random books. Somehow you knew, how did you know? You came and sat down next to me, whilst I continued to ignore you from behind Harry Potter. You said that you'd sit in here, and I should be with my friends. I asked what happened to your friends before. When you told me that they all hated you since they found out something about you, that's when everything changed. I felt angry at them, and then surprised at myself. We walked down to the rest of the gang together.

And I guess that's how it started.

The End

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