A change in routine...

A young girl is raised in a township and knows no other way of life. This is her life, from her eyes...

I opened my eyes slowly and blinked twice. My make-shift blinds had not worked, the sun had been sneaky and pushed it over, leaving me to bath in my own sweat. I rolled over to see if Enya had suffered the same fate, but her grass matt had already been rolled up and tucked neatly next to the open doorway. 

Today was the day. No longer a girl but a woman, Enya would be providing for us now and that made me ruler of the house. The twins hadn't risen and I knew I had minutes to prepare their breakfasts before their rumbling stomachs forced them awake. Bracing my neck, I place the cool metal base of the bowl on my head and steadied myself the way Enya taught me. I realised the added weight with water would prove difficult on my journey home, but I didn't have time to dwell on the thought.

I took to the dusty streets and quickly spotted the queue next to the water-well. Ducking under a cow's belly and avoiding smelly mounds, I made a dash before the metal cage and the magicians came round the corner, they were always nearby. I prayed the water would be clearer today, the twins weren't quite used to the taste of the earth we had learnt to welcome. 

My turn. My head didn't reach the brim of the well and I knew no aid would come, the people here knew I had to learn. I spotted an empty plastic barrel nearby and quickly dragged it to the edge of the well. Carefully I climb onto the barrel and instantly wince as a cracked piece of plastic pierced the inside of my foot. I don't cry, I learnt that long ago. 

The rope leaves my palms raw, but I have just enough water for breakfast. Pleased with my victory I rush back across the road, not looking at my path. A hard object cuts me off at the knees and I hear an evil chuckle before my face hits the ground. Magicians, I forgot.

The End

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