im only 6 you know

Once upon a time there were a group of animal friends. there was a hedgehog, an owl, a lizard, a chamelion and a penguin, they played together all the time, they were best friends. the hedgehog was always getting upset because he thought all the other animals were really cool and he was just a boring little hedgehog. one day they was all playing a game when hedgehog couldnt join in, all the other animals laughed at him. "i'll show them" said hedgehog "they wont be laughin when they are all boring".

that night hedgehog waited till all the animals were in bed fast asleep and then he crept round to all of their houses and he stole something from each of them. he stole the chamelions colours, the lizards sticky feet, the penguins wings and the owls twit twoo. after he stole them he run all the way home with a big bag on his back.

the next day all the animals were really upset. when they saw hedgehog they told him what had happend, "we can not be what we are suppose to be now" the penguin said "someone has stolen all the things that people know us for, what are we going to do?" the hedgehog said "id love to help you look for who stole them but im far too busy climbing walls, and camoflaging myself and stuff like that. sorry" and then he rolled away.

later that day owl saw hedgehog climbing a wall, changing colours and twit twooing. the owl was so angry he had found out who had stolen their things. he flew of to find the other animals and told them what he had seen. they decided to all go to the hedgehog and ask him nicely to give their things back. when they got there the hedgehog would not even talk to them, he just said "im too busy to talk" and rolled away.

all the animals decided to steal their things back. they come up with a plan to get their stuff without the hedgehog knowing. they told the hedgehog that they had seen a leopard and that he was the fastest animal they had seen ever. and that he was in the medow, the hedgehog didnt even say thankyou he just rolled away to find the leopard. he was chasing it all day it was so quick he never saw it he just saw the bushes move and then it was gone. what he didnt know was that the owl and the lizard was in the bushes making them move. there was no leopard. the animals made it up to get hedgehog away from his house.

while hedgehog was chasing the pretend leopard the penguin and the chamelion sneaked in to his house and stole the bag of animal parts back. they went to meet the owl and the lizard and gave them their twit twoo and their sticky feet back. they all went to wait for the hedgehog at his house. 5 hours later it was allready getting dark and hedgehog had very sore feet and was very tired he had been running around all day. when he saw the other animals outside his house he knew straight away that they had tricked him to get their things back. he could not help it he laughed so hard all the other animals joined in, they all laughed so much their bellies hurt afterwards. and they all promides to never lie, trick or steal again. from that day on they was best friends again and all wasys played a game they could all join in with.

the end

by jack pringle

6 years old

The End

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