Hello, I know you. ( Elizabeth )Mature

There are few of them, and they're growing this is

Henry kicked off his boots and began to relax on his old tattered leather chair. He could hear the cries from within the room next to him. Aggravated, he slammed his fist against the wall, dust spilling down into his silver hair.

" Shut yer yap, or I'll feed ye to the dogs. " His voice was raspy and cold, it reflected most of his life. Well up to the point where that wench of a wife decided she was going to move out. She was tired of being slapped for everything she did wrong. Hell, he was pissed off too, all her whining. ' It's too cold! It's too hot! ' Well then put the thermostat half way and shut up. 

He layed back once more, then gave a crooked grin. That woman was contained now, and no one could hear her cry. He'd get her to write letters every so often to her family so they wouldn't bother stopping by to check on her. He'd already had to kill about two other people, but they were safe now. She'd been complaining it was cold in that room, so he lit a fire. Nice and cozy, he thought, nice and cozy for my sweet Caroline. Much, much better than Jenny was.

Sirens rang outside the front door, that's what woke him up. What was going on, probably some drug addict from the apartment building next door. ' I'll have to move. ' Can't be too cautious, she's quiet now, well...quieter, he can still hear her sobbing. Music to his ears.


She was only a girl, a child, and she pointed out the house. The policemen looked at her curiously, was she right? Why were they following her? It's because she had told them something important, something that could help them make the world 'A better place.

They just looked as she walked up, but she wasn't even on the lawn before an officer put his hand on her shoulder. 

" You should stay back, we'll handle this from here. " Officer Johnson looked down into her eyes, so small, he thought. So tiny and...small.  There was two minutes of silence, nothing moved, not even birds sang, the partyers from down the street they just stopped, everything stopped. No one even blinked, she had caught him, they were the only two things existing now. Slowly she shook her head, then proceeded forward.

" Don't worry,  I know him. "  And in an instant she was at the door, knocking, smiling. The officer still standing on the lawn.


Who the hell? He got to his feet, his head spinning. The lights were still outside, spilling blue and red onto his living room walls. Did they find him out, who told? Was it the pizza guy? No, no it couldn't be. He didn't even come in, and there was no smell, was there? Henry sniffed the air curiously, and was only greeted with the smell of stale chips. No, nothing un-ordinary. 


" Hello, I know you. " The little girl grinned, and walked in past him, the cops followed in quickly, pinning Henry to the ground. She knew the layout, because this was how she was trained. She'd guess they all knew this, the other members of her little group. Slowly she made her way to the other room towards the back, easily masked by a cardboard wall. It was pretty obvious, but since it was so far back no one would bother to notice. So this was where he kept her, hiswife. The door swung open, the lock broken with a simple touch. 

His victim was sprawled up against a wall, why was she wearing make-up? That sum-bitch of a husband made her do it. He was crazy, she didn't want him. Why did she marry him, because she thought she was in love. Her clothes were tattered from the constant itching and scratching that came with sitting in her own filth, day upon day.  Her ribs shown through her thin layer of pale skin, from mal-nutrition and dehydration, the water bowl sat just out of reach to taunt her. There were dark circles under her eyes from sleepless nights and her breath reeked of rotten meat, the other victims bones lay near the fireplace. She raised her head, and scrambled forward, chains cutting deeper into her wrists, the wounds from her previous beatings opened again, and blood ran down her thighs. 

" Please, help me. " Caroline urged to the child standing before her. She got no reply only a head-tilt. " A l'aide, sil vous plais. " Still nothing, she swallowed hard, then just broke down. She couldn't take this anymore she needed out, OUT!

" Hello. " 

" H-Hello! What's your name?" Caroline's eyes lit up, there was hope, she could do this. She had to, she didn't want to die here, no. She had to see her niece her nephew, she had to make the damned man pay! " How did you get here, d-did he let you in? Untie me and we can escape. Did you bring others, a-are you with the police?! " Her voice croaked, " Oh god...help me! " 

" My name is Elizabeth, and I know you. " 

" W-What, listen - " What was this feeling, aside from being confused that is. Her chest burned and her stomach churned, she could feel bile riding up her throat, her eyes stung. Was she crying? She couldn't even breath.

Caroline toppled forward, gasping and wheezing. Her dirty-blonde hair spilt over her face, hiding the ghastly expression below, her eyes welling out of their sockets slowly. She wished she was back home, she wished she was a little girl, back at her old home, she heaved. Vomit covered the floor, washing over the urine and feces. She coughed, finally, air. Then there was more, she kept going, soon her innards were before her, sprawled out on the concrete. 

" I knew you. " And little Elizabeth sat down, crossed her legs and hummed softly. Henry was arrested, so she unfolded her little paper note and checked his name off the list. Someone would take care of him later. Her golden pigtails hung loosely on the side of her head, a blue rose pinned to one of them.  She checked off Caroline's name, then began to cry. She was a good actor, everyone told her so. Johnson came running in, then looked at the scene before him. 

" Dear god, Reg! Get this kid out of here! " And he tossed Liz towards the other officer who quickly scampered out of the house.

Sweet Caroline was no more, her hands had ripped off, she was leaning forward too much and they just couldn't hold any longer. Her bones were fragile enough as it was there's no such thing as milk when you're being held against your will. Henry was sent to jail for 3 accounts of first degree murder, and was sentenced three life times. He wouldn't make it through one.

As the sun finally set and the body had been removed, officer Johnson ran a hand through his caramel hair, he looked over towards Elizabeth then watched as an older boy came to greet her. 

" Time to go, did you..." The boy cut himself off and looked over at John with a demeaning glare. 

Liz patted his shoulder and smiled. " I did, lets go. " John ran up and grabbed the boys shoulder, he had to get his name. Or at least figure out who they were. This girl was a witness to Caroline's death, and he couldn't just let her walk off.

" Wait, she has to come down to the office for questioning! And who are you. " 

Johnson was cut off by a soft hand on his arm, and he stared down into those familiar hazel eyes. " Don't worry sir, I don't know you. " And they were gone in a blink of an eye. There was no use stressing the department over this so he let it slide...for now.

The End

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