Chapter 5Mature

It’s three o’clock. I’ve changed out of my hoodie, leggings and hideous mini skirt and I’m wearing a gray T-shirt and a loose pair of dark jeans instead. My butt-long hair is pulled back into a pony and I’m wearing a baseball cap just to look shady. I’ve got a bag slung over my shoulder with “confidential” items inside and there’s an unlit cigarette in my mouth.

For the record, I don’t smoke.

I’m leaning against the wall when Miss Backup arrives. We stare at each other uncomfortably for a few seconds before I looked away with a grunt.

“You’re late.”

“Thanks for reminding me.”

Sarcasm. That usually gets nowhere with me. I push myself off from the wall and approach her, hand resting near my bag.

“Are you armed?”

“Nope.” She raises her arms just to prove it. Too bad it’s the wrong answer.

“Too late, you’re dead.” The gun practically appears out of nowhere in my hands, and it’s pointed right at Miss Backup’s face. My finger brushes against the trigger teasingly before I spin the gun in my hands, sticking it back into it’s case in my bag.

The case looks like an ordinary library book. Ingenious.

“Always have a weapon nearby.” I mutter, tossing her the bag. She catches it with one hand. At least she has fast reflexes. “You never know when someone might point a gun at you.”

She smirks at me almost as if I’m lecturing her on something she already knows. She probably does, but I am in no mood to give any fucks.

“Sarah.” She finally says, sticking out her hand.

“Megan, but you can just call me Tabs.” I reach over and shake her hand. Her grip is firm. I’m almost tempted to test how firm she can get with her grip, but I hold back. No point in starting off a partnership as a rivalry. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of them.

“So.” I begin pacing back and forth in the alley getting down the business. “I was sent here 3 months ago search for a particular possible top agent who’d been hiding here while apprenticing with their master. 1 month in, I’m still with no results, except that I’ve been able to narrow down the school our target goes to.”

I gesture in the direction of the school that we both just exited.

“That dump over there obviously.”

Sarah snorts out a laugh. We both seem to agree that the place is no more a school than a pigsty.

“I decided then, to call in backup. Until now, nothing more.” I finish, shrugging. “But now that school has started, targeting should be much easier.”

There’s a noise behind me and I whirl around. The alley is dark, but I swear I see the hint of a shadow flashing away. If someone had been eavesdropping on us, that meant that there indeed was a target at this school and there that was no point hiding because our covers had long been blown. The moment we find our target, there was no point in playing hide and seek anymore.

I never liked hide and seek. I was always a brute force type of person.

Not that it mattered that I would always destroy the house punching holes through walls when I played hide and seek with my siblings when I was young.

I don’t comment on the noise and when I turn around there’s a smug smirk Sarah’s face as she hand reaches towards the bag she just gave me. For a moment my heart lurches and I wonder if I’ve stepped into a trap.

“You assume I know how to use a gun.” The barrel of the gun is cocked in my face. She does exactly like I did a few moments ago, brushing the trigger teasingly before spinning it in her hands and back into the bag. She winks at me before turning to head off. “Never give a gun to someone who doesn’t know how to use one.”

And just like that, we’re even.

I might like working with her. 

The End

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