I'm Not That Girl

This is a story about a girl named Lindsey who is in love with the most popular boy in the school, Harry. She is the star lacrosse player but still can't seem to catch his eye. She needs to get past his girlfriend, Samantha.

Lindsey watched as Harry gnawed absentmindedly on his pen cap. He brow was furrowed as he reached inside his brain for the answer to the next question.

Suddenly, Mr. Contender was at her side. "What are you looking at, Lindsey?"

His words brought all eyes upon Lindsey, all but Harry's, who's were the only ones she wanted.

"Nothing," she mumbled.

"Keep your eyes on your own test, please," he said as he walked back to his desk.

There was a shuffling sound as her classmates turned back to their own tests.




Later that day, at lunch, Lindsey fell back into Harry Land and she watched him bang with frustration on the vending machine before it spit out two Cokes. Then he walked back over to his table. The second he sat down, his girlfriend, Samantha, twisted herself around him like a snake around a tree.

Lindsey looked away and her best friend, Simone, looked at her sympathetically. "Stop looking over there," she ordered softly. "It just gets you upset."

Simone was on the lacrosse team with Lindsey. They sat with two of the other lacrosse players at lunch, Gabrielle and Vanessa.

Gabrielle gripped Lindsey's arm and said, "Do you want to come with the mall with me after lacrosse? I need to get a Homecoming Dress."

"Nah, it's okay. Seeing as I don't have a date, I don't think I'm gonna go," Lindsey moped.

"Like, three different guys asked you," Vanessa said. "Why didn't you say yes to any of them?"

"Because I only want to go with someone I like and I only like one guy. Harry."

The End

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