*I'm not IN love with you, I'm in love WITH you*

Dalia is finishing her eighth grade year and is ready for anything the summer will throw at her. Except one thing.
When she sees her friend Milo is in the same drama camp as her, she should be exited. And she was, until she found out that the musical they would be doing was Guys and Dolls, and she was Sarah Brown, and Milo was Sky Masterson.
No one know that she liked Milo, exempt her best friend Megan. And no it wasn't the "He is so Cute!"crush. It was his amazing personality that made her l


I pick up my curling iron. One last strand needed to be curled in my mop of brown hair. Then I heard my little brother, Tucker, yell "The pea is in the pod!" Which is our family's strange language for "Five minuets till the bus comes!" The good thing about living on a hill, is that we can see when the bus will be pulling up so we can get down to the stop just on time.

"Whats your problem?" I hear my sister say from behind me. She is pulling on my curls and mocking me. A lot of people hate their annoying little brother, but me? I love him. He is just so ecstatic all the time. Who I really don't like is my older sister, Freya. She is the most popular girl in her senior class, but the most annoying.  She teases me about every little thing.

"What do you mean?" I ask trying to keep the frustration out of my voice.

"It's always Thursdays you dress up on, want to look your best, but the rest of the week you barley pick up a hair brush."

"I have no idea what your talking about." Okay, that was a lie. I don't make it perfect, but I do brush through my hair. I just don't take the time to make it look like my sister. My mom says I should take better care of my look. That people would die to have this thick of hair, my face. I have no idea what she is really talking about. The thing is, I have very high self-esteem. But its not because I'm little Miss. Perfect, like Freya. Its because I don't mind what everyone thinks of me. Well, maybe not everyone.

"Its rolling home!" Tucker yells going out the door. Translation: If we start now we can make the bus. My sister just rolled her eyes and brushes her hair.I grab the comb and shove it in my pocket, (just in case) then grab my light blue backpack and walk out the door.

I sit in my usual seat as the bus jerks to a start. Five more minuets. I tell myself. And boy did those five come quick. I look at myself in the mirror until I feel the bus slowing to a stop. Quickly putting away the mirror, I pretend I don't have a care in the world.

"Hey Dali." He greats as he sits in the seat across from me. I wave. "How did the studding go? Ready for the final today?"

What I wanted to say was I know that I'm most definitely not. But since he is my math tutor, I don't want to make him feel like he hasn't done a good job. so instead, I reply, "Is any one every ready to take them?" 

He gives me a smile. "You do have a point there."

A slip of paper comes out as I pull my Algebra text book out of my bag, and flutters past me to Milo's seat. He reaches down, grabs it, and hands it back to me.

"Whats this?"

I take it, look at it and then blush with embarrassment. "Oh, you know, the top five things I like to do and things...." I trail off.

He cocks an eyebrow. "What do you like to do?"

Does he really want to know? Or was he just making conversation? I don't want to jump right in if he was, it would make me look desperate. "You know, stuff like, Umm. well, you know.." I just decide to read the paper. Blabbering wasn't getting me anywhere. "Swimming, Singing, Drama, Drawing, Writing, Reading, and M-" I stop myself short. Oh my gosh, that was the closest I have ever come to revealing my biggest secret. "-agic Tricks.." I finish.

He smiles. "Coolness."

"What about you?"

"Eh. Reading, Piano, Camping.. I cant think of any more."

He makes such a strange face after. "Well what about things you hate?" 

"Cold, Running, Math, History Movies, and Squash." I say without putting any thought into remembering.

This makes him laugh. And I can't help it. Its so ridiculously funny, I start to laugh too. I'm gonna miss Thursdays. We only have one more, then the school will be out for summer. And I will officially be a freshman. Can you believe it? I will be in ninth grade. Too bad that Milo will be in the eleventh. Oh well, I have a whole summer worth of fun to look forward to.

The End

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