1. Introduction to Shia

Some back story: This idea originally was going to be a graphic novel, but I don't have the time or the artistic abilities to pull that off quite yet. So here it is in writing form. Turning out more funny than I thought. 


The amber eyes stared steadily at the steam which rose out of the steam buns in fractal swirls that would have mesmerized most people. However, the fact was that most people were probably also not waiting for bird poop to plop down upon the buns in hopes of winning a particularly large sum of money.

Shia was not in the majority of people.


A white splat of goop fell from the sky and landed straight onto the perfectly stacked steam buns. Shia jumped up, flipping the steam buns into the man across from her and grabbed the string of money on the table.

“Aha! I told you I could summon the birds!” She shouted with a loud laughed and saluted the black crow that had flown above and dropped it. Without another word, she strode away, not bothering to glance back at the man who, in his arrogance, had succumbed to such a strange bet.

Shia was tall and lithe, with a brown bandana wrapped around her head. Her long black hair was pulled back into a ponytail, only 2 perfectly parted bangs sticking out from the front. She wore a grey sleeveless dress, tied at the waist with a belt and made of a brown cloth for the parted bottom. In fact, the part when up so high that it looked practically like she had wrapped a brown cloth around her waist and claimed it as a skirt. When she ran, it billowed behind her wildly, revealing more leg than the most scandalous bunny suit.

Shia always wore tight leggings under her dress to make sure nothing indecent showed for Shia was not a horny person and never planned to be either.

Besides the ever tinkling chains of money she had tied to her belt like every other good citizen, she also had a simple normal everyday sword. Aside from the fact that it was made of much higher quality metal, forged by the top blacksmith of all time, and engraved with an insignia that secretly meant great power, it was just another regular everyday black sword and Shia treated it like just another everyday black sword.

Tying the string of coins to her belt right next to the rest of the strings, she pat her money with a smile and stopped by a stand to buy more steam buns.

The market was a bustling place, filled with stands and booths that sold anything from food to clothes and other less edible items. Food came in all sorts as well. There was cooked food, raw food, living food, in-the-process-of-being-butchered food, dead food, pacifist food, delicious food, awful food, food that smelled like turkey and tasted like seaweed, food that looked like seaweed and tasted like seaweed (but was actually turkey). There was food all all sorts, but to Shia, there was one thing that topped them all.

Standing in front of the booth, she gulped back a mouthful of drool and stared at the perfection that was called steam buns.

Nothing beat steam buns.

The End

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