Annoyance? Or just jealousy ?Mature

I laid in my bed starring at the ceiling with Fall Out Boy blasting through my headphones. I didn't even hear Vlad and Aloysius  walk into the room. I didn't even notice them until Aloysius sat on my bed. I glared at his back. I could tell he was talking by his body language. Vlad was going through his stuff trying to find something. Probably a CD that's usually what he dug for when he brought people in here. He was all about converting people to death metal. When he turned around he saw me glaring at Aloysius who didn't even notice that he was so far up onto my bed that he we touching me. I hated it when people I didn't talk to touched me, they didn't know me. They shouldn't even be aloud to be in my room. Vlad said something that looked like an apology towards me and gave Aloysius the CD, whom then left without even glancing in my direction. 

Vlad jumped onto my bed and laid beside me after Aloysius was out the door. I just starred at the ceiling listening as Paramore replaced Fall Out Boy on my I-pod . Vlad took my head phones off my and turned off my I-pod. 

"Whats up?" Vlad smiled at me.

I smirked"Your in a good mood today."

"Yeah, and? Just because we're locked up doesn't mean we can't have fun."

"And what do you mean by that Mr.Troublemaker?"

"Oh, you know I've been saving up my money and figured I'd take you and Shelby to a movie."

"First of all, how do you suppose we get off the grounds without getting caught. Second of all, you know I hate Shelby and she hates me."


"So just go with her. It'd be nice for you two to actually spend some alone time together."

"I don't know. I'd feel a lot calmer if you were there."

"Hun, if you want her to be your girlfriend you have to stop taking me on your dates."

"Yeah I know but"

I cut him off. "No but's if your going to take her to the movies I'm not going. I'm so sick of hearing her say 'OH MY GOD your wearing that out in public you look like your going to rob someone'"

"She's not that bad."

"Maybe not to you. But to me she's a nightmare. Anyways why do you like her and Aloysius? They're the biggest preps in this place."

"You sound like them asking me why I like you."

"I can hear them saying that. But I have more in common with you than they do."


"So. Ugh, whatever. But don't come complaining to mean when they annoy you to death."

He just shook his head and jumped off my bed leaving the room without saying a word. I knew I got under his skin sometimes but it made me mad that he could fit in so easily here. Get happy so quickly here. And here I am with one friend and I'm still miserable. I guess I'm just jealous.

The End

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