I sat in the rec room starring at the t.v. even though I wasn't paying attention to it. I couldn't get Lizzy out of my head. And besides the fact that we're both cutters I have no idea why I feel a connection with her. There was just something about the kid. I don't know. I tried to concentrate on the t.v. Silent Library was on, it usually entertained me, but today not so much. I sighed and turned the t.v. off. No one else was in the rec room. They all had visitors. I sighed and turned around to look out the door to the hall and jumped when I saw that someone was standing behind me.

"What the hell!?" I yelled starring at the dude trying to figure out if I've seen him before.

"Uh, hi." I could tell he was nervous. And now that I wasn't pissed I could tell that he was cute in hisMy Chemical Romance: Danger Days shirt and his black hair covering only one of his bright green eyes.

"Hi?" I starred at him for a minute waiting for him to talk. "Who are you?"

"Oh, um, sorry, my name's Vlad, um, I'm new here." I felt bad. My first impressions on people sucked. I usually came off as a bitch. And I could tell that thats how I was coming off as now.

"I'm Rinn. Sorry, if I seem like a bitch. I'm just not good with people popping up out of nowhere."

"Is that why your in here?"

"Not really, but I guess you could say it's apart of it." I looked around, no one was around. Good. Then they can't get all pissy that I'm talking to him and not them."Wanna sit?" 

"Um, sure."

I turned on the couch so that my back was on the armrest and crossed my feet Indian style. He sat the same way I did on the opposite side.

"So." I said "You tell me why your in, and I'll tell you why I'm in, deal?"

"I..guess. Um, I jumped off my school building in an attempt of suicide but some people broke my fall and I ended up killing one of them." He said it so fast I almost thought I misunderstood him. But I knew that look on his face. It was the same look Shelby had when she came to the realization that she killed her parents.

"You knew the person you killed didn't you?" I said quietly

"Yes" he whispered "it was my sister."

"Oh. Damn. I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. I don't need you to feel sorry for me. Now, we had a deal."

"Yeah. My mom kind of freaked when she found out that I cut to relieve my pain. Ironic I know. So she sent me here. Personally I think she just didn't want to deal with me anymore so she paid the doctors to say I'm crazy. After the first month I stopped cooperating with Josh. And haven't made "Progress" since. I've been here for a year."I sighed" And this is the most I've talked to one person."


"Yeah mine isn't as good as a reason as everyone else but I've been here longer than a lot of the people here. Most people are in and out within a few months unless they've murdered someone. Not you, yours was an accident. you'll probably be out of here in no time."

Someone cleared there throat and we both turned to see Josh starring at us. 

"Rinn I see you've met Vlad. Due to budget cuts he's your new roommate. sense we currently have no rooms open for someone new besides your room." Josh was starring at me strangely.

"Cool." I smiled.

Josh walked over to me and felt my head. "Are you okay? First your talking to someone outside of group now your smiling." 

"I'm fine. I'm proving you wrong. I can be friends with someone. And it makes me happy to show you that I'M NOT CRAZY."

"You sound crazy." Josh laughed. "Be sure to help Vlad with his things. And make sure he comes to group. He's in ours."

"Yeah, okay."

When Josh was gone I turned back to Vlad who was starring at me. "What?"

"He loves you, you can tell that right?"

"He's my therapist."

"Your therapist loves you."

"Well I don't love him. Not like that anyways. He's like a really annoying older brother."

"Whatever you say."

"Come on. Let's go get you settled in." I got up and looked at him. "And thanks. I needed someone like you to show up."

"Um, no problem I guess?"

He got up and we walked to grab his stuff then go to our room.

The End

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