Notty Pictures

I like pictures.

Miss Camrun shows me picturs all the time. Paper pictures. Not the other ones inside. She shows me cats and balloons and watermelons and dogs.

Today, she showed me a munkey. I like munkeys. They are funny. When they smile, they smile reel big so you can see their teeth and the red part around their teeth. I tried to smile like that all day, but Mrs Camrun told me to stop. She said that I lookt funny. Maybe its not okay to look funny.

Mr Kincade came in today. I always know when hes coming, becaws Mrs Camrun does reelly nice things for me.

Today, Mr. Kincade jabbed me with the red needle. He was quiet and his pictures inside bubbled with stinky-smoke. He showed me diffrent pictures. Pictures of peeple tied up and eating red balls. I dint like those pictures.

He asked me questens about how the pictures made me feel. I dont think I answered rite, tho. Mr Kincade got all mad and his face went red. I started to cry. Mr Kincade started to shout and I tried to make his pictures go quiet. I put balloons and watermelons in his pictures, but I dont think he liked that.

When Mrs. Camrun came to get me, he said I was pre... precoshus and uns-table and maybe possibly very danjerus.

She dint say anything, just took my hand and took me out of the picture room. Her face was reelly white and her lips were really small.

Mrs. Camrun was sad, later. She said Mr. Kincade was an a-sole. I dint know what that ment, but her pictures were reelly dark and scary. I dint try to fix her inside-pictures. I think it looks funny. I'm not reel good at it yet. And I don't want Mrs. Camrun mad.

Mrs. Camrun showwed me a book with a smiling monkey on the front, and I laffed. Miss Camrun red to me. I like Curius George. He's funnee.  Mrs Camruns pictures got better.  I think Curius George did it. 


The End

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