I'm Not Charlie

A young mentally-handicapped man undergoes a raidcal operation that increases his intelligence and gives him psychic powers...

Excerpt from entry 1 through 10:

My name is Jeffy.

Miss Camrun says I shud rite in this diaree evry day so I can look back and see how much I grown.  I dint think riting in a diaree wud make me grow but Mis Camrun is reel smart.  She sed the axell asseleratid  program was made for pepul like me.

I like Mis Camrun.  She smells nice.  She is nice to me.  Even when she is sad.  She is sad when Mr. Kincade comes to visit.  She tries not to show me.  But I see.  Her picturs go gray inside. She smiles and laffs at Mr. Kincades jokes, but she dusnt laff on the inside.

I don't like Mr. Kincade.  He smiles at me but not like Miss Camrun.  He has big glasses.  He tells me to be tough, then he jabs me. 

He thinks I am expendible.  I dont know what expendible is, but I dont think he really likes me. He just smiles at me cuz he wants to do things to Miss Camrun.  She doesn't see his pictures tho.

I dont like the needles.  Miss Camrun says the needles are a kind of medisin that will help to keep the voices quiet.  The red ones hurt more than the green ones.  I sit reel still and let Mr. Kincade jab me.  Then I go and hide in my room.  the voices go away and the pictures go gray. 

Not always.  Just sumtimes.

The End

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