Forgive me if i st-st-stutter from all of the clutter in my head (Teddy Geiger fan fiction part 2)Mature

"You're kidding me. This is the girl?" Mr. Geiger asked. I made an irritated clicking noise with my tongue and i pushed a lock of hair out of my face. I gave Mr. Ramsey an Oh god, please no! look. He sighed as he walked over to Mr. Geiger.

"Mr. Geiger, you asked me to give you a reliable personale to help you and watch over you. Now, this is the most reliable person in my entire building. Mainly because i know you'd sleep with all other females and you would cry if any of the men in this building tried to babysit you." Mr. Ramsey stated

"Watch. Watch me. Not babysit" Mr. Geiger barked. I stepped up towards him and jabbed him in the chest.

"Don't bark like some wild beast at my boss, you spoiled ass musician. You think you're all that just because you have some fucking fan girls, dont you? Well I've got news for you. Life is tough. now get out of your little emo wanna-be corner and get a back bone." I snarled. Mr. Geiger's eyes were now wide as he stared down at me. Mr. Ramsey laughed as he seperated us.

"Excuse us Vancouver natives. We like to defend each other in this strange world called L.A." Mr. Ramsey explained.

Now before I continue, let me explain something.
I am originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
So is Josh.
We both randomly met in L.A. when i moved here from Vancouver.
He had been living there for about three years when we met.
I had just finished my training to be a lawyer, and he was a top lawyer in L.A.
He decided to open up a buisness.
I became one of the lawyers in this buisness.
We're pretty close, if you haven't figured out by now.

Mr.Geiger sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He looked in between us and sighed.

"Fine. I'll take her. But only because i can't really turn to anyone else right now." He said, giving in. My back straightened as i heard that. I was expecting him to run out crying. I turned around, shocked.

"You're kidding, right?" I asked. Mr. Geiger looked at me, confused, then grinned.

"No, miss. I'm not." He said calmly walking forward.

"There's no way. Please Mr. Ramsey, don't make me go wi- WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" I snarled as Mr. Geiger lifted me up over his shoulder. I hit his shoulder, irritated. He didn't flinch.

"How much for the angry lady?" He asked. Mr. Ramsey shrugged.

"We'll talk money when we see how many months you can last." Mr. Ramsey said calmly, ignoring my yells and violent kicking. Mr. Geiger nodded and began walking out of the building as he too ignored my pounding on my back. I glared and pointed at Josh.

"JUST YOU WAIT, RAMSEY! WHEN I GET BACK, YOU ARE SO FUCKED!" I screamed. Josh waved, smiling calmly.

"Don't forget to write!" Josh called back. Mr. Geiger carried me outside, then placed me on the pavement. I crossed my arms and turned away from him, snarling. Mr. Geiger turned to me and turned me around, his hands firmly on my shoulders.

"Listen. I dont like this anymore than you do. But in order to pull this off i need you to be there. now. You're gonna suck it up like a good little girl and come with me, and tell the judge that i'm completely clean at the end of this. Got it?" He asked, snarling. I narrowed my eyes at him, brushing him off of me.

"I'm going to make your life hell, you realize?" I asked. Mr. Geiger sighed, raising an eyebrow.

"I dont think it can get much worse than this." He responded. I grinned at him darkly.

"Trust me. It can get much, much worse than this. Welcome to hell, Mr. Geiger." I stated.

The End

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