Interrogation 2Mature

"Don’t make me kill you, human." Said, ‘the thing’, grinding his teeth.

"Oh, now you’re not human?" Marshall laughed, "What are you, a zombie?"

"sort of," the thing admitted. "I am a…"

"Whoa," Marshall cut him off as they reached the bottom of the stairs, "Before you continue with our interrogation, take a seat." Marshall pushed him into a leather recliner. Marshall settled down sitting backwards in a folding chair. While this was happening, the thing was planning a fear curse, a curse that had enough power to kill something. He didn’t put it on full power though, he wanted Marshall to hear her scream and run up to her.

Upstairs, a shriek was heard. "What was that?" Marshall asked, but he knew it was Laura. Marshall ran upstairs immediately, seeming to forget the thing’s presence.

The thing settled back into the recliner. "Stupid human." He said. And with that, he snapped his fingers and exploded into a giant ball of smoke.

The End

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