Marshall kicked open the door to his house, got on one knee, surveyed the area, and, in relief, turned around to face his confused daughter and a grumbling contortionist. "all clear." Marshall said.

Laura slowly headed inside, wondering what was going on. She followed Marshall into his walnut-floored living room. "Daddy, why are you acting so strange today?" Laura questioned her father, who was peeking into every door, every crevice, every crack just to see if something was in it.


Laura had to get away from this strangeness. "Well… I’d love to stay…" she said, looking at the contortionist, "I am going to go play with Conner and Sheila."

Marshall lightened up to the idea immediately. "Sure, just stay away from the basement door, and don’t get into Mr. Landon’s yard he doesn’t like tha-" Marshall stopped himself. In the corner of his eye, he could see a grin appearing on the thing’s face. "um… actually, stay inside and play with your Legos." Said the detective, usually trying to reason with Laura wasn’t successful.

"But daddy…" Laura stopped. She turned to her right to look out the patio window. A shadow was casting down on the porch, a shadowof a man impaled upon a tetherball pole. "Never mind." She said with fear in her voice. She walked back to her room, entranced.

Marshall turned his attention back to the contortionist. "You’re coming with me." He said, "Downstairs." Marshall walked him over to the right corner of the room and opened a door in front of him. A set of stairs obviously descending into the basement were in front of them. "c’mon." Marshall said as he coaxed the contortionist into the modern dungeon.

The End

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