To hell with youMature

"My name is Rorin!" said the officer, his form shifting into a man that was about 5"11’ with a designer pigtail. On his face was an expression of hatred. "And I’m much more powerful then you, mortal, so you better not make fun of it, or I’ll send you down."

James laughed. "Hah! I’d like to see you try."

Rorin walked up to James and grabbed his head. James tried to grin as Rorin's fingers melted into his forehead.

"Oh Rorin, by the way…" James struggled to say with breaths of pain, "I’m not him."

Rorin stopped. He dropped James head first onto the sidewalk. "Where is he?" the demon demanded.

James looked up. "Now wouldn’t you like to know." James said as he tried to force a smile. His lips were burning like hot coals.

He waved his hand over James’ head. A grin popped up on his face. "Marshall huh?" he said, "Well, I’ll issue him a friendly greeting." Rorin looked at James. "How could I forget about you?" he said.

He waved his hand over James for the last time. "To hell with you."

The End

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