James ran towards the exit door with sweat and blood dripping down his forehead. "Cassie!"

He looked around the corner to find her running towards him.

"Cassie!" said the man, "I thought I saw you dead a second ago?"

Cassie shifted from tan skin, tight jeans and a tank top, to a torn up skirt, white skin, and blood running down her face, without changing her shape.

"So did I." it said

James lifted up his crowbar, and took a swing at her. It knocked her head off. Black pus flowed from where her head was. She collapsed to the floor.

James swung his crowbar towards the door and shattered the glass. He jumped through the door into the darkness of the night.

He felt a tap on his shoulder.

"I’m not that stupid," he said. He swung his crowbar at neck level of his attacker, blindly, and hit him directly in the head. It cracked wide open.

"Murderer!" said a voice from behind him.

He turned around. It was a police officer.

"Well it sure seems dark out," Said James, "For a police officer to be wandering out alone officer…"

James looked closely at the man’s nametag. It was blank.  At that, he showed a wild grin.


The End

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