Welcome homeMature

Marshall suddenly slid his foot onto the brake pedal, and shifted the gear to park.

"Here we are!" he said.

The thing shifted it’s body to view a little condo, looked like a three bedroom from the outside. He could tell by the windows on top and on the bottom of the house that it had an attic and a basement. Nothing fancy it looked like.

Laura opened the door of the police cruiser and rushed out the door, anxious to get away from the murderer.

The thing looked up into the tree to see one of it’s companions sitting up in a tree staring at him. He shot back with an icy stare. The thing’s companion seemed to grab it’s neck, and then explode into a blast of red and black.

"This is my job," the thing said, "And I’m going to take care of them, alone."

The End

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