A car tripMature

"Umm… Daddy…"

"Yes Laura?"

"Is he coming home with us?

Marshall sighed. "Yes," he said, "But only until the repair men can come fix the station’s electricity wires. If we stayed there, that place would have been swarming with those things."

"What things Daddy?"


Laura looked scared and confused at the same time. "What should I do?" she whispered into Marshall’s ear.

"I don’t know, just don't make conversation with him or anything."

Laura turned her head so she was facing the thing, but the bars between the front seat and the back seat obstructed her vision.

"Wat’cha in for?" she asked, "Drinking and driving? Impersonation to a police officer?"

The thing grinned and their eyes met contact. "Mass murder." It said.

Laura turned back to the front, with giant saucers for eyes. "D-d-d-daddy…"

The thing stuck it’s long tongue in her face.

Marshall turned around and aimed the twelve gauge at the thing’s head. "One move." He said.

It retracted it’s tongue slowly.

The End

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