Marshall had bags under his eyes. It had been twenty one hours since he had gotten any sleep. His roomate had taken his daughter to school, but he would have to pick her up.

Marshall’s Panther didn’t help so much either, his car was very uncomfortable. He was on the edge of his seat trying make it to his destination.

"I’m about to show you my seven year old daughter," Marshall said, trying to treat the contortionist more as a friend then as a convict, "Her name is Laura, and if you even touch her, I am going to blow your head off with my new best friend." He held up his bloody twelve gauge.

Somebody opened the door to the back seat. The thing tried to get out, but Marshall raised the gun to it’s head.

"Don’t even think about it." He said.

"Bye Reggie! Bye Sarah!" said the girl. She immediately took notice of the albino like person.

"Laura," said Marshall, "you get to sit in the front seat today."

The girl turned around, shut the door and opened the door to the front seat. She got in, all her eye contact on the thing.

The End

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