The suited man stepped off the unboarding tube and stopped. He turned his head in the direction of lady, who was checking people out of the room.

"Excuse me," he said walking towards her.


"My son has fell through the crack from the airplane to the boarding tube, and they won’t let me go get him."

"Is that right?" she asked walking towards the boarding tube.

"Yes ma'am."

She looked down the crack. "I don’t see anything…" she said.

The man with the designer ponytail lifted his finger to her head. "Neither do I." he said with a grin.

A ray of dark stuff shot out of his finger and encased the woman’s head. She was now a 5"11’ man with a designer ponytail and mirrored sunglasses.

The suited man lie dead on the floor.

"I’ll need this," she took a keycard out of her belt. "Thank you for your services," she walked away with a grin, "Now let me do mine."

The End

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