Marshall came storming into the interrogation room and found the contortionist sitting at his table.

"I just saw one of your ‘buddies’ in there, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience," Detective Marshall said, "He killed Frag…"

David followed Marshall into the room holding a clipboard. "Frank." He corrected.

Marshall shot a glance at David. "Whatever…" he said, "but anyway, Frank’s dead, and your little buddy is responsible."

"On normal circumstances, we would charge you for murder under the second degree if you told him to do it," David said, "but after a simple interrogation, we might let you go for free."

Marshall wasn’t listening, he was messing around with his new twelve gauge he found in the heating control room. "Yeah, what he said." He blurted out.

Adams burst into the room.

"Wassup chickadee?" asked Marshall, who shifted his attention from the gun to the girl.

"One of those things have been chewing on the power cords that are connected to the police station," she answered as quickly as she could, "The power is going to go out right about…"

Suddenly all of the lights dimmed until they shut off.


"B-b-b-but I thought the police station had an emergency battery." Said David, his mood suddenly shifting from cool, to cowardly.

"It did," replied Adams, "But that thing you shot, it got the emergency battery before it got Frank."

Marshall looked startled, "What are we going to do?" he said, "What about the suspect? all of the other houses are out except for the west side of town, and I can’t take suspects to my house."

"I’m afraid you’ll have to make an exception." Adams said.

David looked at the thing. "we’re going to press charges for the blackout too." He said.

"Sir, you have to take him home, or he might get away with murder." Lieutenant Adams said.

There was silence. Everyone’s face looked blank, except for the thing’s, who’s face held a grin of hope. Marshall spoke up.

"I have a daughter, and a dog," he ground his teeth irritatedly, "if you touch either one, I’m gonna kill you like I did your stupid friend up there, and it ain’t going to be fun for you."

The thing’s delighted grin turned into a frown. "Very well," it said, "I’ll take special care of them."

The End

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