En RouteMature

"Attention passengers, we will be landing in fifteen minutes."  The computer beeped.

The plane had gotten quieter over the last two hours. The contentious chattering had almost completely stopped.

Unbeknownst to the passengers, the storm had been following the plane from its departure area all the way to its landing area.

The suited man sat back down in his seat. Melting the smoking man’s brains out had taken most of his energy.

But when I get to New York, I’ll finally have enough power to destroy this universe, and move on to better things! He thought.

The man with the designer pigtail motioned for the lady to bring him a coke. As he sipped from the coke can, thoughts ran through his mind concering how he was the chosen demon overlord, and how once he found the power source in New York city, he could be the universe’s overlord.

"And that’s all that keeps me going," He said to himself, "Hatred for life, and crave for universal domination."

The End

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