A pleasant surpriseMature

Marshall landed on his face in what seemed to be a very compact room.

He slowly got up. He saw what looked like a man in the corner.

"Hey," Marshall said, "You gotta be controlling those heat things better. You almost fried me. I am gonna report you. You are going to get demoted. You… You…"

Marshall’s eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room. He saw that there was blood running down the side of his head. There was a gun in his hand, but it wasn’t up to his head like he killed himself.

"Jesus, Joseph and Mary…" he gasped.

Marshall heard a chuckle from the opposite corner of the room.

"Who’s there!" he yelled.

He turned around to see a white skinned person in the shape of a young boy.

"Don't move!" Stuttered Marshall, "You are under arrest for the murder of…  Um..."

He turned around and walked towards the dead body.

"Frank the Janitor." He said, "sorry."

The boy took a sudden lunge at him.

The End

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