Ventilation ShaftMature

Even Marshall’s strong, agile body felt claustrophobic inside those four walls.  It scared the heck out of him.  Ever since he was a kid, he had hated closed spaces.  Hated them.

"Is there anybody in here?" he whispered hoarsly, "If there isn’t, well, this is going to make me kill David."

He was crawling as fast as he could. His Walkie Talkie started buzzing.

"Marshall," it said, "have you found anything?"

The Walkie Talkie was so loud that it echoed all the way throughout the ventilation shaft. He twisted so he was lying on his back, pulled it out, and turned down the volume. He held it up to his mouth.

"No, not yet." He said.

"Well, if you do, contact me right away, David out."

Just then the floor started heating up.

"Ow!" exclaimed Marshall, blowing cool air onto his hand. 

The vent sides began turning a bright color of orange. Marshall began to crawl faster. He looked behind him to see the marks that his melting soles had left on the vent floor.

He looked ahead. There was an opening in the vent. It looked like it had been ripped open, but Marshall didn’t have time to think about details. Two more seconds in there, and he’d be roasted.

Marshall bent his knees and dived through the opening.

The End

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