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A phone rang next to the Lieutenant, she picked it up.

Marshall walked over to the main corridor and peeked through the doorway. The contortionist was curled up into a ball and he looked like he was sleeping.  Wierd.

Lieutenant Adams slammed down the phone.

"There has officially been two sightings." She said.

Adams turned her attention to the city map once again and began rubbing her temples furiously.

"What’s happening?" asked David, who was paying close attention to Adam’s facial expressions.

"The two descriptions match," she said, "not only with the murderers, but…" She turned so she could see the contortionist in his little scrunched up ball. "…But with our number one suspect for four other murders too."

Marshall stared blankly at Adam’s face, "Okay… You lost me somewhere," He said, "Read me the descriptions."

David looked at the city map and read aloud; "they all have white skin, red eyes…" The trio looked out the doorway subconciously, and then David continued. "They all can also fit in very tight spaces, one has been reported climbing through sewer pipes."

Suddenly there was a rattling sound from above.

"What’s that?" asked Adams.

"Oh something was caught in the vent earlier," Marshall said, "it’s just probably…" He stopped, and took a quick glance at David, who returned in a confused stare. "…Moving around."  He finished.

The End

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