Lieutenant AdamsMature

Marshall followed David into the station to find his secret crush, Lieutenant Adams, marking things down on a city map.

"Hey, Lieutenant!" said Marshall, "Wat'cha doin?"  His voice was slightly more giddy than usual.

The officer gave Marshall a quick glance, and then turned her attention back to the map.

Marshall looked back to David. "Oh, by the way, why did you slap some hand cuffs on a contortionist? That guy must have had some major cosmetic surgery." He said.

David peeked in a tannish file. "No, it doesn’t say that on his records." Said David, "although they do look a bit old…"

Marshall grabbed the file from David’s hands. "Two decades old." He said. "it also says that he’s been murdered."

David walked over to Lieutenant Adams. Marshall quickly followed.

"Did you find anything?" Asked the sleuth’s assistant.

"Nothing." Adams replied.

David sighed and walked over to the cappuccino machine.

"Okay," said Marshall, "What is going on here."

Adams was the only one who heard him, David was lounging in a chair with Earmuffs over his head.

"There’s been a chain of mass murders," Adams said, "Whole families. There has only been one sighting of a convict, so we can’t match up any other murders yet."

The End

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