The SubwayMature

Soon I hear the tram coming down the tracks. I stand up and wait for it to stop. It was 2:45, and there was no one in the station. Personally, I found this odd, but there's a first for everything. The tram slows and I hear the ding. The doors slide open, and 2 people get off. I step on into an empty car.

I take my seat in the back. I have 7 stops, so I pull out my phone to tell Kristy I'm on my way. I sigh as I put my phone back into my purse and look out the window into the dark tunnel. The dark brings shivers and the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Suddenly, I have the feeling that I am being watched. I look around the car to find an old woman sitting in the seat across from me. She is not looking at me, but I feel as though she is. Startled, I blink a few times, smile to myself, and nervously look down.

The doors ding as the tram comes to a shuttery stop, and I look to see that the old lady is no longer there. Thinking to myself that it must have been my imagination, I watch as a woman no older than 30, wearing clothes that were trendy and up-to-date, takes her seat in the seat I had thought the lady to be in. She looks and smiles at me and I smile in return.

I awkardly shift as the car lurches again. Suddenly, the womans phone beeps and startles me. She glances down and makes a face of confusion. She holds the phone to her ear as she crosses her left leg over her right. She listens for a moment, then looks straight into my eyes as her face turns stony and pale.

She slowly lowers the phone and the lights on the tram begin to flicker. She looks down to her lap. The car stops and the doors ding, sliding open. Everything seems to speed up, and the doors close quickly. The tram immidiately lurches into motion. The woman looks at me and her eyes sink in and her mouth turns into a gaping hole. He nose rots away and exposes the skull underneath. In an instant the tram had come to the next station. It lurchs forward once again. She stands and begins to come at me, taking awkward, jerky steps. She reaches out her hand and...

The lights flicker back to life and everything is as it was before. The woman nervously gets up and comes to sit next to me. Slightly frightened, I scoot away. She looks down and whispers to me, "Is your name...Xaviara Pierce...?"

What the FUCK. I think to myself. How the hell does this lady know my name?!

"I'm supposed to give you...a message. But...I don't think I can..." The woman says as the tram comes to it's 5th stop. She quickly gets off and turns to look at me.

"Are you afraid of the dark?" She asks as the door slide shut.

The End

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