I'm Not Afraid of the DarkMature

"Nothing to fear but fear itself"? Do you have a fear? The fear of something physical, such as clowns--or water? Or maybe something much more mysterious, such as death, or the dark...? Or, maybe it's not a fear OF the dark, but rather what's IN the dark. The possibilities are endless. Creatures with long, sharp claws and small, gaping eyes. Peering at you from shadowy corners and following you as you nervously walk down the street, coming home just a little too late...Xavi knows how that feels.

The dreams had gotten worse. Not only was he following me, I could not seem to shake him. I ran. I ran harder than I ever thought I could. I could not hear his footsteps behind me, but I knew not to turn around. I stumbled my way into the tunnel, running faster and faster. Everything was spinning, and I wanted desperately to stop running or at the least slow down, but I couldn't stop. My body would not let me. The tunnel stretched for what seemed like forever. I ran further and further into the darkness. Into the worst of my fears. My heart beat faster and faster until I felt it burst. Litterally, burst. My lungs collapsed and filled with blood. I felt my body fill with hopelessness and unimaginable pain. I collapsed onto the cold pavement. He was on me in an instant. I screamed and...

I heard the birds outside my window, and the usual sounds of angry drivers and anxious police sirens. I rolled over in my bed and let out a deep sigh.

Beep-beep, beep-beep. I slammed my fist onto the snooze button of my alarm clock. I sat up awkwardly with sore and tired joints. I stare blankly at the wall, waiting for my brain to register it was morning. My dog, Pyro, jumped up onto my bed and wagged his tail like he owned the place. I smiled then pet him on his ears and he licked my hand joyously.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood too quickly, making myself light-headed. I blinked and rolled my eyes, and stretched my arms. I walked over the chilled wood floor to my bathroom and took a much needed shower. I walk back into my bedroom and dropped my towel onto the floor. I put on my underwear and bra and took the towel from my hair. Pyro came in the room and sniffed the towels I had tossed to the floor. I shook my long brown hair and flipped it out of my face. I realized that I had left my laundry in the washer last night, being too tired to stay awake and finish it. I walked downstairs, Pyro close behind, to my laundry room and put my clothes in the dryer. I sighed and pressed the start button.

I walked into my kitchen, tired, and not caring if I was still only wearing my undergarments. I made a cup of tea and ate a quick breakfast. I poured Pyro some food into his bowl and he was instantly distracted with it.

I walked back into my bedroom, sat on my bed, and looked at my phone. The green LED was flashing in the corner, telling me that I had messages. I unlocked it and saw I had three new messages and one missed call. Two texts were from my old friend telling me that he was in town this week and would like to grab a cup of coffee. I declined, not wanting to see him after so long and concidering the last time we talked we had a terrible fallout, to causes I prefer to not discuss. I would rather simply not be his friend then re-start with the drama.

My other message was from my friend Kristy, asking if I would like to go shopping downtown this afternoon. I suppose I haven't seen her in a while...and it is a Saturday. Why not? I thought to myself. I texted her back with a simple "Sure!"

I checked my missed calls, assuming it was my mother or sister, Terra. It was actually my grandfather. I quickly called him back, with no answer. I left him a voicemail telling him to call me back if it was important and that I would call him tonight.

My phone buzzed with a message back from Kristy telling me she would meet me at the subway downtown at 3 today. I checked the time. It was already noon. Alright, I can be ready in three hours.

I put on some dark skinny jeans and a teal shirt that conformed to my thin shape. I walked across the hall to the staircase and listened to the silence for a moment. Of course, I heard the sounds of the city outside, but inside it was quiet and somewhat peaceful. It's the little things, right? I take a step and feel my foot slip and I fell down at least 6 stairs before stopping myself with my elbow.

"SHIT!" I yell. "God dammit that fucking hurt..." I say under my breath. Pyro ran upstairs and sniffed at me, pawing to see if I was okay. I sat up and felt a pain on my hip. I look to see that it's already welting up. "Ugh. Great." I look at my elbow, which checked out to be okay. I push Pyro out of the way and got up slowly to walk down the rest of the stairs. I hear the beep of the dryer go off and I get a laundry basket out of the hall closet.

"My side ended up being pretty bruised." I told my friend Gary after he called, and I explained that I had fallen down the stairs.

"Yeah that sounds bad. I hope you're okay." He answered.

"Yes I'll be fine, I just need to learn to be less clumsy!" I say to him.

"Well, I have to go. I have to study. I have an exam early tomorrow morning...so I'll talk to you later!"

"Alright bye Gary." I say, smiling.

"Later." Click.

I had folded my laundry and put it away while I was on the phone with him, and it was already 2.

Let's see...It take 10 minutes to get downtown. So I should be good if I leave in 30 minutes. I think to myself.

I walk into my bathroom and pick up my comb. I sighed at myself in the mirror, wondering what to do with my hair today. I comb it out, getting hair all over the place as usual. My comb meets a wonderful rat and tugs my hair a little too hard. I grunt and work it out. I pull my hair to one side and do a loose braid. Luckly, my hair decides to cooperate and looks fantastic. I brush my teeth, deodorant, etc. I put in my contacts and add a bit of makeup.

I walk to my room and pull out my favorite pair of open-toed black wedges. My red toenails stand out against the black. I walk downstairs after grabbing my phone and grab my small black purse off the kitchen table. I drop my phone inside and grab my keys. Pyro whined, knowing I was leaving for the day. I patted him on the head then walked out the door and closed it behind me. I turn and lock it and then drop my keys in the side pocket of my purse.

I walk to the curb and press the crosswalk button. I squint my eyes from the sun and look across the street and the crowd of busy business men and women waiting to cross. I look around to my left and right and realize no one is waiting on my side of the street. I notice that standing behind the business people, there is a tall, dark figure. I squint to get a closer look, but it seemed to disappear. I shrug it off, though I can't help but to be slightly creeped out. The light says to walk, and so I do. Passing the people, everything slows and I hear whispers. I look around but no one is around, as if the people were never even there. A car honks at me and I look to see that the light had turned green. I quickly crossed the street.

I walk to the subway and sit on the bench to wait for the next metro.

The End

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